Crowns & Bridges

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are made by the dentist to restore damaged teeth or those prone to breaking. Teeth with large fillings and root treatments can fracture easily - and so these also should be covered and protected using this method.

treat-img-crowns.jpgThey are made by shaping the tooth so that it is slightly smaller in size, and the print of this is taken so that the laboratory technician can make it out of Porcelain. This crown is then cemented with special dental glue on to the tooth.

Crowns can be an appropriate solution for patients suffering from fractured, chipped, or sensitive teeth. It is in essence a cap' that covers the natural tooth and forms a protective barrier and provides a more aesthetically pleasing look.

A crown is not appropriate for everyone, it is recommended by Dr.Ahmed in the following unique cases:

  • A tooth in which the filling is in fact larger than the natural tooth left. In certain cases, the tooth can become weakened and a crown can offer protection and increased strength. As such it is often recommended in cases of extensive tooth decay where a filling would leave very little natural tooth.

A crown can be used to mask discolourations and chipped teeth to improve the overall look of your smile. Crowns can be of great benefit to certain patients. Longwood House invites you to make an appointment and determine if a crown is a right solution for you!

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What are dental bridges?

Bridges are essentially false teeth which are held together by two porcelain crowns. Bridges can replace one or more missing teeth and provide a natural look while minimising speaking and chewing problems.

bridge.jpgIn some cases, we might suggest an artificial tooth implanted right into your jawbone.

If you have a missing tooth, and the area is not suitable for a dental implant tooth- then a crown can be made to fill this gap: this is held by another one next to it, which is cemented on to the adjacent tooth. These connected crowns are secure and a good alternative to dentures.

A Cosmetic dentist at Longwood House can make crowns and bridges to look like natural teeth.

So, what are all the methods of replacing missing teeth?

In summary: Dentures, Bridges, or Dental Implants.


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