Cracked Teeth

Can I do anything to prevent my teeth from cracking?

  • If you are aware of grinding or clenching your teeth please notify your dentist.
  • A mouthguard can be made to protect your teeth and sometimes break your habit.
  • Wear a mouth guard or a mask when playing contact sports.
  • Don't chew on hard objects.

Are you in pain?

Is your dentist finding it difficult to localise the pain?

A tooth with a crack is difficult to diagnose. The symptoms can be varied from occasional pain on biting and chewing, or pain when you eat or drink something hot or cold.
Cracks rarely show up on x-rays and are difficult to see.

Why does my cracked tooth need to be treated?

Cracks can remain superficial, or they can propagate towards the centre of the tooth where the nerve tissue lies. This can cause considerable pain and eventual death of the tooth.

Cracks can cause differential movement of the separate parts of the tooth, the movement irritates the pulp and causes pain.

When the pulp is involved the tooth needs to be root treated to save it.

What treatment is needed for a cracked tooth?

The treatment needed depends on the severity of the crack.

If the crack only involves the outer surface of the tooth, the enamel, then this part of the tooth has a risk of completely fracturing off. Part of the tooth may break off. The dentist can remove this weakened portion and replace the area with a white filling or they may decide to strengthen and bind the tooth with a provision of a crown.

If the crack extends into the nerve, you will need root canal treatment to save the tooth. The crack may extend beyond and into the root or below the gum level. This is difficult to see, if this happens it may cause the tooth to split – it may still be possible with root canal treatment to save the larger portion of the tooth.

After treatment can I still loose my tooth?

The success of root canal treatment itself is close to 95% however, where a crack is present; which does not heal, yes you can still loose the tooth.

Despite the possibility for the tooth to worsen, the treatment you receive is important. It will be aimed at relieving painful symptoms and preventing a complete fracture of your teeth.


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