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The iTero Scanner

Align Technology, Inc the pioneering company behind Invisalign has developed the iTero intraoral scanner; a digital scanning technology to enhance digital orthodontic and restorative workflow that improves the patient’s experience.

The iTero scanner uses advanced scanning technology together with artificial intelligence to capture pictures inside the mouth, creating a 3D model of the teeth and gums, which you can view in real-time.

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ITero and Dentistry

The iTero scan reduces the need for conventional procedures, such as taking impressions, which many patients find uncomfortable.

These impressions get disinfected and posted to the laboratory. Losses and distortions during the transfer process can occur, as well as a lack of detail that can mean the whole process has to be repeated with the risk that the crown or bridge may not fit.

The iTero scanner makes the patient’s experience easier and less likely to have remakes and multiple visits. The scan gets transferred to the laboratories within a couple of seconds and the accuracy and detail are second to none; allowing the creation of superior work.

Your scans can be kept and used for future work too.

All this reduces the risk of spreading infections and is recognised as mitigation of the virus.

Who can take the scan of your teeth?

Any trained member of staff can take a scan of your teeth.

It is similar to having a photograph taken of your teeth, which is safe and effective. At Longwood House Dental Care, we aim to train all our staff so that we can provide all our patients with this much-needed dental record.

iTero and Invisalign

iTero scans are often used before teeth straightening treatments.

Generally, before orthodontic procedures, the teeth must be molded using a tray filled with an impression substance. The iTero scans take away the hassle and discomfort of having these bite impressions.

The high-quality image is then sent directly to Invisalign, ensuring that your aligners have a perfect fit, within a fraction of the standard time.

In addition, your dentist can monitor the progress of your treatment to the finest details, making it easy to fit your braces precisely.

When your scan is complete, you will be able to preview how straighter your smile will look; the iTero uses state-of-the-art technology to produce in seconds what usually takes two weeks of planning.

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You can now have the planning done and see a preview using the Invisalign Treatment Outcome Simulator at the same session.

iTero and Dental Implants

In a similar way to the teeth straightening process, the need for an implant impression is removed and an accurate model of your mouth is created.

Your dentist will also be able to see the exact position where the new tooth needs to be placed, ensuring optimum fit and comfort.

So what are the benefits of iTero scanners?

•          It’s a quick and simple process of taking the ever need for impressions

•          It is minimally intrusive and eliminates the mess, inaccuracies, and waiting time for patients 

•          Creates an accurate 3D model of your teeth

•          Mitigates the spread of infection

•          You can get a simulation of how your new smile could look after teeth straightening and whitening treatment.

At Longwood House dental care, we are offering free scans to all our patients.

Just as we take initial X-rays, a scan will be done with our brand new Itero scanner, so that should you develop a toothache, etc. in the future, we can compare the current situation with these original X-rays.

Similarly, it is important that we offer you a scan of your teeth and gums, so we can compare any changes and the progress of the disease can be monitored.

We will have visual access to the rate of wear; diagnose fractures, chips, and grinding habits. Pick up gum recession and unwanted tooth movements quicker. Monitor wisdom teeth and much more….

Planning for orthodontic movement using Invisalign relies on two weeks to generate a preview of what your teeth can look like if they were straightened.  

Now ALL our patients having a scan can ask to see how their teeth will look like if they were straightened. You can read more information about Invisalign straightening procedure here

Contact us to get your free iTero Scan today.

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