Dr. Ahmed was the first dentist that discussed my options with me, with my best interest in mind. She was sympathetic to my needs and understood why I was so apprehensive about doing anything. We decided that I should try some composite veneers to design my smile- I couldn't believe how within two hours she had given me this beautiful smile I had always dreamed about.- my friends and family can not believe that these are not my real teeth!- she is truly a great dentist
– Lee
My fear of dental treatment had got me in this state, a friend recommended I see Dr Ahmed. It took me another 5 months until I plucked up enough courage. I was amazed when I walked through into the surgery, the staff greeted me and Dr. Ahmed spoke to me in the waiting room and only took me into the surgery when I was ready. Her manor was gentle and she explained everything to me. I had my surgery with inhalation sedation and felt relaxed the whole time. My gums had overgrown and I was afraid that as my impressions were taken on the same day I would not be with any teeth for few days…..but later on that same evening I had beautiful teeth; I couldn't thank Dr. Ahmed enough. Thanks to Dr. Ahmed I can smile again and again and again!

I am now looking forward to work on my top teeth and Dental Implants!
I hate needles and have avoided seeing the dentist. Since Dr. Ahmed introduced me to inhalation sedation, for the first time I am now relaxed about having dental treatment. It was really effective and relaxing for me.
– Heather Noel
Thank you Dr. Ahmed!
“On my first impression, a fantastic looking practice – professional and polite staff – great location with great potential.”
– Allan Polly
Dr. Ahmed has allowed me to have a Tooth Back- I thought this would never be possible as I had lost some bone around the area too. She placed some bone into the area by a surgical procedure called bone grafting followed by a dental implant on the same day- I didn't feel a thing, she was extremely gentle and I am so glad I had this treatment with her
– O. Neilson
I had very crooked teeth and didn’t think that clear braces could help me as they were so bad. However with Dr. Ahmed`s kindness, patience, and expertise I am now the proud owner of a lovely set of teeth.

I also had my teeth whitened with their Home Whitening Kit which worked a treat. I wish I had done this years ago! Now I can’t stop smiling.
– Aileen Ashton
I had a very pleasant time and was reassured as to what was going on at all times. Dr. Ahmed was very professional and made me feel at ease.
– Lee Brittain
“Before treatment, I was very unhappy with my crooked teeth and never smiled. When I read about clear braces, I thought that they would not work for me.
During my treatment, hardly anyone noticed I had my braces in! The first day they went in I felt the pressure on the teeth and found it difficult to talk without lisping. But I soon got used to it and sometimes forgot I was wearing them as they became comfortable.
– Victoria Bulley
The care I have received in Dr. Ahmed's hands has been outstanding. I highly recommend you have your dental implant treatment here. My final teeth are absolutely amazing. She goes the extra mile on your behalf. Thanks a million, with a smile!
– Kathy Shaw
On Saturday 16.08.08 I visited the dentist. I saw a specialist who checked my teeth. She was very kind and gentle while she worked on my teeth. When the specialist finished she told me how good I was and also that I was a star.
– Zara Lalee
Dear Dr. Ahmed,

This is just a note to let you know that I am getting on well with my new dentures, now that I have stopped trying to put them in upside down!

I have never felt so comfortable and relaxed. I'm never nervous about attending the dentist anymore.

I wish to thank you and your staff for being kind and patient with me.
– Brenda
I have never felt so comfortable whilst having dental treatment: A lovely practice offering a very professional service. My teeth whitening worked brilliantly and I had my teeth straightened with the clear brace. Dr. Ahmed is very kind and gentle, she explained everything and made me feel at ease. It`s a great practice, I was really impressed and relaxed. I am no longer nervous attending the dentist - I highly recommend you visit too.
– Madie Din


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