Dental Implants Ilford, Essex

The ideal treatment for:
Replacement of missing tooth/teeth.
– Stabilization or alternative for dentures.
-Preserving jaw bone.

The Modern Way To Replace Missing Teeth

Dr. Tasleem Ahmed BDS FDS RCS – Fellow of the Royal College Of Surgeons, England

At Longwood House, Dr. Ahmed and her dedicated staff combine their technical skills with cosmetic expertise to create dental solutions that will refresh your smile and return you to carefree eating habits. Your struggles with ill-fitting, uncomfortable dentures are a thing of the past with the comfort and confidence of denture implants. 

Your embarrassment and discomfort due to missing teeth are thoroughly relieved through the sensitive and caring process of dental implants.

Whether your needs involve single, multiple, or total tooth replacements, there is a dental implant procedure that will ideally suit your particular situation. Our comprehensive screening and examination will determine your best alternatives, which are carefully discussed with you to ensure your complete understanding of the benefits and results of each process.

dental implant surgery

Implants Before & After

Dental Implants 4 before Dental Implants 4 after
dental implant infographic1

In simple terms, an Implant is a titanium post that is placed into the jawbone to replace missing teeth. The bone bonds with the titanium implant, which can then be used to support artificial teeth.

dental implant infographic2

Dental Implants are changing the way people live today. They provide individual alternatives to dentures and bridges (which used adjacent healthy teeth to replace the missing teeth).

Dental Implants can also slow down the process, and facial changes that contribute to age; as they act to stabilize the bone in your upper or lower jaw and prevent it from resorbing. This, in turn, retain your natural facial contours so that you can continue to smile with confidence.

Useful for:

  • Replacement of missing tooth/teeth.
  • Stabilization or alternative for dentures.
  • Preserving jaw bone.


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