Specialist Treatments Price List

Fee Guide

Please advise your patients of costs prior to referring, and also note that we will be taking the consultation fee at the time of booking (please advise your patient to have a card available when phoning for an appointment / attend the clinic to make their first appointment).

It is advisable to send a referral form/email for your patient, or you may ask them to bring it with them to the Longwood Clinic when booking in.

Dental Implant

Tele Virtual Consultation £45
Single-tooth Dental Implant from £2,700
Full arch implant denture - 2 implants £5450
Full arch implant denture - 4 implants £9450
Full arch implant bridge from £15,600
Same-day implant bridge from £18,240 to £21,850
Bone Grafting from £45

Teeth Straightening / Orthodontics /Smile Makeover

Tele Virtual Consultation £45
Porcelain Veneer treatment from £650 per veneer
Composite veneer/cosmetic bonding from £350 per veneer
Teeth whitening from £350 / £450
Invisalign braces from £3195 to £4195

(installment payments can be made of £30/£40 per month on a finance plan).

Periodontal /Advanced Gum Treatment with laser

We Are now using Soft tissue laser to enhance our results in Periodontal treatments, with quicker healing and less discomfort for surgical periodontal treatments.


Periodontal Consultation £110 per hour
Televirtual Consultation £45)

(If possible, please provide a DPT Xray upon referral)

Periodontal Treatment   £250 per quadrant
Periodontal Surgery from £575 per area
Periodontal Maintenance £110
Pre periodontal laser -PPL 4 sessions from £240
Surgical Crown lengthening from £240 per tooth 


HYGIENIST REFERRAL £85 per session

Oral Surgery Televirtual Consultation £45
Dental Extractions from £200
Wisdom Tooth Extraction from £300 to £450 per tooth

GA can be arranged privately via our clinic

Extraction with implant socket preservation £550


We do offer Dental finance 0% interest for treatments over £400.

Endodontist RCT

Consultation £60
Single Root Treatments from £595
Single Root Retreatment from £650
Premolar root / Reroot treatment from £680
Molar root / Reroot Treatments from £780

Please advise us if you would like a post preparation /permanent core/crown. Otherwise, all patients will be referred back for permanent restoration.

Paediatric (Children's Specialist)

Tele Virtual 45 min consultation £100
Tele Virtual 30 min consultation £60
Consultation £230 Per hour
Treatment £230 per hour


Out of Hours - plus £200 call out charge plus treatment cost per hour.

With Inhalation Sedation plus £200 per visit
With IV Sedation plus  plus £200 per hour

[IV is Only suitable for children>12 years old]
Treatments for children needing GA can be arranged Privately


Inhalation Sedation for Adults from £200 per session
IV Sedation charge for Adults from £200 per session


Anti Snoring, Head Ache and TMJ Dysfunction

Tele Virtual Consultation £45
SCI PLUS - 4 laser therapy sessions from £632
SCI from £437
TMJ Tanner/CRA appliance from £750
Anti Snoring Sleep Well appliance from £750
Anti Snoring Somnowell appliance from £1400


The above fees are set as a guide for your patients, all patients will receive a final cost at the consultation phases.

We do charge PPE CHARGE, for all AGP treatment, but not for consultations or surgical implant - periodontal procedures.


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