Are Dental Practices Safe to Visit During The Pandemic?

Watch how our practice prepare for your safety

Now, dental practices will be among the most sterile environments in the country when they reopen in line with the latest government guidelines from Monday, June 8.

From temperature screening to cleansing mouthwashes, patients will notice significant differences to their usual dentist experience since the outbreak of coronavirus, all specifically made to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

Dentists have been working all over the world through this crisis and have been closely monitored. There have been no cases of contracting the virus from a dental practice pre/during lockdown; and now with even more stringent measures, the risk is mitigated.

In fact, other businesses are following a pursuit and will be following the protection processes of dental practices.

The research by Pandora dental is being followed all over the UK and Ireland. 

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Dr. Sapna Tohani wishes to tell you

Dr. Ioannis Plastagiasi wishes to tell you

Pandora Dental Association is A Group of over 100 Leading UK & Eire dentists set Up during The Covid19 pandemic and Nationally Recognized As Setting Standards & Guidance for The Private And Specialist Dental Sector.

Pandora Dental represents many of the UK & Eire’s leading independent dental practices.

Founded by Dr. Tasleem Ahmed & Dr. Mark Cronshaw, in recognition of the need for evidence-based best practice and guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Pandora Dental Practices Have The Same Ethos & Mission :

  • Their Dentists offer guidance and support for general and specialist dental practitioners at every stage of their careers.
  • The Set Standards: To support and assist dental practices in achieving the highest standards of care for their patients.
  • Their Dentists provide information and feedback from our highly experienced primary care dental clinicians to support the key policy and decision-makers in UK dentistry.
  • To support the NHS Dental Sector.

Is Longwood Recognised as A Pandora Dental Practice?

Longwood House Dental Care is proud to state that they are a pandora group dental practice and a member of the  LDG (Local Dental Group, a support group for our own local NHS dentists & practices); with Dr. Tasleem Ahmed being a cofounder in both associations and helping lead hundreds of private & NHS dentists through the difficulties of the pandemic crisis.


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