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Specialist Case Studies

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 Case 1 - Severe periodontal disease

  • This patient suffers from severe periodontal disease and has grade 3 mobility of the upper R1 tooth. The upper R1 tooth has also drifted out of position.

  • Dr. Marina Arzoumanidi performed a two-session periodontal deep debridement with dental Laser usage, so the tooth stabilised to grade 1.

  • She then had a root canal treatment followed by a porcelain crown. She chose not to have a full mouth smile makeover.
  • She has decided to have dental implants placed on the top right, to replace the missing teeth here.

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 Case 2 - Periodontal Gum Recontouring

  • This young lady had periodontal gum recontouring and crown lengthening.

  • On the same day as the surgery - Dr. Ahmed infilled the exposed root surfaces with Tetric Evo Ceram Composite.

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 Case 3 - Composite Bonding: Smile Improvement & Periodontal treatment

  • This patient had aggressive localised periodontal disease.

  • She was at risk of losing both the UR1 and the UL1 as well as the LR1 incisors.

  • She had 2 sessions of deep Laser periodontal debridement with Dr. Ioannis, which stabilised the progress of the gum disease and the teeth remained healthy.
  • The black triangle and midline Diastemma were closed by cosmetic work using composite bonding by Dr. Ahmed.

A happy patient!

 Case 4 - Cosmetic smile improvement

  • The patient was very unhappy with her recent traumatic loss of teeth and bone. She was unable to have dental implants and the thought of wearing a denture at the age of 28 was devastating.

  • A smile design was made as an interim measure. And then as soon as we had all the parameters correct, we relayed this information to the technicians using the iTero scanner and they transferred the digital scans into models and duplicated it into a porcelain bridge.


  • Dr. Ahmed made her an 8 unit bridge with porcelain to mimic the gums. She was overwhelmed with the results.


 Case 5 - Blocked Root Canal

  • This patient had previously painful and blocked root canals

  • Dr. Periklis Ntelis our Specialist in Endodontics treated him within 2 hours.

Max’s story- Laser gum surgery

Max was referred to Dr. Ahmed by his general dentist.

He was told that the decay between his two upper molar teeth on the right, had extensive decay which deemed the teeth unrestorable.

As Max was determined not to loose any more teeth in his mouth his dentist suggested he gets an opinion from the specialist Dr. Ahmed.

After taking the x-ray, it could be seen that the decay was below the gum on the root surface of both his teeth.

He had a crown on one tooth which would need to be removed and the tooth was then subsequently root treated.

The root treatment was undertaken by Dr. Periklis (Our Longwood Endodontist).

The other tooth had a large silver amalgam filling with decay beneath it.

With the Laser diode machine, I was able to remove the crown and surgically cut the gum away so that I could see the extent of the decayed root.

Max was comfortable throughout this treatment, the laser was gentle and caused no bleeding at all. The laser allowed me to remove all the decay and repair both teeth.

The laser also allowed Max to heal quickly and almost without any pain.

The following week I was able to place a new porcelain crown on his tooth. He was so pleased that at Longwood House Dental Practice we had the expertise to save his teeth from being extracted.

This is an x-ray showing lovely results from his laser and crown treatment.


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