We are Platinum ELITE Providers 

We are very proud to announce that Dr. Tasleem  Ahmed has been certified as an Invisalign Platinum ELITE provider.

Invisalign, the world’s leading invisible orthodontic brand, has awarded Longwood House Dental Care the "Platinum ELITE Provider Certification" that certifies and recognises the quality of our work in invisible orthodontic treatments with more than 100 patients treated per year.


What does this certificate recognise?

The Experience and Quality of our Invisalign treatments. Greater confidence for patients, thanks to the growth in the number of patients treated with an excellent Invisalign technique. The Invisalign Platinum Elite  Dentist is a guarantee of BEST patient care and treatment results.

The Elite Status also stands for Innovation: At Longwood House Dental Specialist Practice we have just acquired the latest dental scanning technology, the Itero 3D Digital Scanner.

This scanner ensures accurate planning and exceptional treatment results.

Professional qualification: this certification endorses and acknowledges the training, professional, and outstanding work carried out by Dr. Tasleem Ahmed for the Invisalign service. She has been a Clinical Lecturer in Dentistry at King's College London and an Invisalign Area Mentor, for over 10 years.

Being honoured with the Platinum Elite Status also certifies and acknowledges that we continue investing in the ongoing training of all our staff at Longwood House Dental Care.


Why choose a professional with the Platinum Elite Provider recognition?

Being a Platinum Elite Provider of Invisalign Care provides a variety of essential guarantees:

Optimal Results: Even though Invisalign has little risk of complications, errors that delay or make the treatment challenging, can occur. Experience allows us to minimise these mistakes and to make the correct choices at all times so that the procedure is as successful as possible.

Innovation and qualification: Taking part in so many orthodontic procedures with Invisalign enables us to have the latest equipment and to undergo continuous training in order to continue to achieve the highest level of satisfaction with those who trust us.

Personalised attention: At Longwood House dental care, we have treated hundreds of patients who trusted Invisalign, and we know that no two cases are the same. The attention is thus individualised.

If you are looking for the maximum confidence to undergo an Invisalign treatment, make an appointment at our dental clinic in Ilford

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