Nervous Patients and Sedation

nervous-patient.jpgIt s a well-recongnised fact that many people are afraid of dental procedures to the point of having a phobia.

At Longwood House in Ilford, Essex, we understand this very well and have specially trained staff that is knowledgeable in the available modalities by which to alleviate your anxiety.

One of the options is to have conscious sedation during dental treatment. This technique is suitable for most people, healthy or on medication; following a careful medical screen by our doctor.

Pregnant women, children younger than six years, or people with serious physical disease would not be suitable for conscious sedation.

worried-woman.jpgOn the day of treatment, after obtaining consent for the sedation, a miniature cannula will be inserted into a vein on the hand or arm, through which the medication will be administered.

The effect of the medication is that the patient will still be able to co-operate with the dentist, being able to open the mouth, to swallow, and be in control of their own breathing and airway. The patient will be able to hear and react to instructions; feeling without a care in the world will be predominant.

After the procedure patients are kept under supervision while recovering in a recovery area and discharge follows soon after.
Drowsiness after the procedure is common and an escort should be available at least for the following few hours. No serious decisions should be taken or dangerous machinery operated in the following 24 hours.

Throughout the procedure

  • You will not feel any pain
  • Remain relaxed and responsive
  • You will be monitored at all times
  • You will be comfortable and able to accept dental treatment without fear

We hope like many of our other patients you will find that with our help you can have dental treatments without losing sleep over it.

Dental Care of the Highest Standard

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"We are caring individuals dedicated to providing quality and care for you and your family"
Dr. Ahmed.

We hope like many of our other patients you will find that with our help you can have dental treatments without losing sleep over it.
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