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Laser in Dental Surgeries Brings Precision to Treat Gum Disease

blogpost thmb dental laser treat

Gum or periodontal disease

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Gum or periodontal disease is a serious oral condition that can result in tooth loss. If you see blood when you brush your teeth, you have signs of gum disease.

Gum disease results from plaque build-up caused by a number of factors, including poor oral hygiene, smoking, diabetes, and genetics.

When the condition becomes serious, you will need more intensive treatment than the usual cleaning.

The traditional treatment is called “scaling and root planning,” but at Longwood House Dental Care we also use laser treatment.

This is the most advanced treatment available to help prevent and stop severe gum disease, called periodontitis.


How Laser Treatment Works

In the traditional Scaling and Root Planning treatment, the surfaces of the affected teeth next to the gum are cleaned as well as the root, which may be exposed through gum recession. The aim is to reduce the bacteria causing gum disease and promote healthy regeneration of gum tissue.

However, no matter how meticulous the hygiene treatment, any bacteria left behind will still remain active and continues to flourish until your next hygiene.

disease gums laser treatment

The laser can access underneath the gum where all the bacteria subside, these areas are often referred to as “pockets”.

The laser can be used in two ways; acts to sterilize the bacteria and also remove any infected tissue in the gums. The tartar and plaque buildup is then removed with our ultrasonic cleaner.

The laser ensures that the bacteria causing the gum disease is destroyed. The laser also stimulates stem cells in the tissues to form new connective tissues, bone, and collagen, which improves the body’s healing process.

This means that you will feel much less discomfort after laser hygiene and the gums will settle back down much quicker.

A Precision Method

The laser used is safe and effective in a number of dental treatments. One of the main advantages of using a laser is the precision it affords, accurately targeting the diseased area to kill the bacteria. This helps preserve healthy tissue, which can create better outcomes.

Since the laser also kills the bacteria, it means reduced swelling and bleeding of the gums. So our patients benefit from significantly less pain and irritation than traditional methods. And we also have also observed that recovery after use is often quicker.

Patient Benefits:

  • Laser treatment for gum disease is less intrusive compared to traditional methods
  • As the laser is more precise, it also means shorter recovery times as less trauma is caused to the affected area.
  • More effective and better results in preventing and treating gum disease.
  • The wavelength and power of the laser can be adjusted to supply a customised treatment depending on the individual patient.

Other treatments where we can use Laser are:

  • Facial pain/ TMJ pain relief
  • Healing of mouth ulcers
  • Dental Hygiene

Longwood House offers dental laser treatments with a trained hygienist and advanced laser gum treatment with a Periodontist. Check here our current offers and promotions

Contact us for an appointment to discuss your gum disease and whether laser dentistry is right for your condition.

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