White fillings and amalgam removal

Experience the confidence of a renewed smile with our advanced white fillings and safe amalgam removal treatments. Our skilled dentist in Ilford offers modern solutions that not only enhance your dental aesthetics but also prioritize your overall oral health.

White fillings

The material we use is synthetic based on nanotechnology micro fillers to improve the aesthetics and final look and strength of the filling.
All-white fillings are lined and sealed to increase longevity.

White fillings can be used to replace amalgam fillings, to provide single veneers, cosmetic contouring (improve the shape) of a tooth, to cover exposed root surfaces, and to aid in the treatment of cracked teeth.

White fillings are bonded to your tooth and typically last three to five years before they need repair.

Your dentist may advise you on an inlay/onlay if stronger and tooth coloured it acts where support is necessary for the posterior part of your mouth; particularly if you grind your teeth (Bruxism).

Removal of Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam consists of various metals, one of which is known to be toxic- Mercury.

The removal of these old fillings can produce aerosols of mercury. At Longwood House, we have ensured safe removal and disposal by

Providing high suction outlet unit
Use of protective masks and goggles for patients – Metal Chelation Therapy
Disposal of metal amalgam separate from common waste.

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Metal Chelation Therapy

The use of an oral tablet prior to having your amalgam fillings removed reduces the chances of any contaminating your blood. Alternatively, if you are planning to have more than five restorations removed it is advisable that you visit our general practitioner Dr. Anina Chapman who will assess you for the IV Metal Chelating Therapy.

If you are concerned about your old fillings please call for an appointment with Dr. Ahmed, she will be able to discuss with you if there is a risk of toxicity.


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