Fluoride Treatments

Our dentist can provide fluoride treatments to boost your dental health. Discover the protective advantages of fluoride as we focus on strengthening your smile for the long term. Explore our range of dental solutions designed to enhance your oral well-being and ensure a confident, lasting smile.

The benefits of fluoride

Fluoride is known to reduce tooth decay by up to 60%. At Longwood House, we encourage the use of fluoride as it has many benefits when used correctly.

What are the benefits of fluoride?

Fluoride is added to toothpaste and into the water in many parts of the world. The reason for this is that it has been scientifically proven and clinically observed to:

strengthen the enamel of the teeth
Make teeth more resistant to tooth decay
Decrease the chance of tooth decay
And even stop existing decay from getting any worse

If you want to protect the teeth further from developing tooth decay, then ask your dentist for FISSURE SEALANTS. This is a special varnish that is applied to the teeth into the deep pits and fissures, where the food tends to get packed when eating. They can reduce the risk of decay by up to 80%.

Is fluoride dangerous? 

We often hear that we shouldn’t have fluoride added to our drinking water or in our toothpaste.

I will explain this: 

Fluorine, Chlorine, and Iodine are examples of the elements found naturally on Earth. All are toxic or poisonous and highly reactive.

However, if they are combined they produce very useful and safe items for us to use. For example, Sodium combined with Chorine produces Sodium Chloride which is Table salt!

Iodine is added to table salt to reduce Thyroid problems in humans!

And Fluorine is toxic but Fluoride is not!

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What forms of fluoride can the dentist apply to my teeth? 

When a dentist notices you are at risk of developing decay or have had a significant amount of decay in the past, then they will advise you to have additional fluoride treatment.

The types of advice and treatments they can do for you are as follows:

They will advise you to stop snacking on sweet items
They will ask you to decrease or eliminate sugar consumption
They will advise you on changing your regular toothpaste to ones with more fluoride ppm.
They can or the hygienist can apply a fluoride coating called a varnish with a brush onto your teeth every 3 to 6 months ( at Longwood we use a product proven to reduce decay – Nupro Varnish)

Mouth trays can be made for you and the varnish or fluoride pastes can be smeared on the teeth and the trays worn over the top all night or for a couple of hours to increase the effectiveness.

The best time to apply this varnish is straight after hygiene clean of the teeth – this application is easy and quick and extremely beneficial to all ages from 5 years and above.

Regenerate treatment 

NEW NR-5™ TECHNOLOGY is the only way to regenerate the surface enamel of teeth. The structure of enamel is replaced with similar chemicals that are found in enamel.

REGENERATE SERUM has a multitude of benefits: 

Repairs enamel in damaged teeth from wear and tear
Repairs enamel in damaged teeth from acid erosion
Reduces sensitive teeth by adding the protective effects of enamel
Reduces the damage to the enamel on teeth by plaque and bacteria that cause tooth decay
Regenerate is available from the dentists and hygienists at Longwood House.