Regain your confident smile with specialised denture treatments. Our experienced team offers comfortable and functional denture solutions, personalized to your needs. Experience the transformation in your oral well-being as we prioritise your comfort and satisfaction.

Removable and Fixed Dentures

Full replacement Dentures

treat img denturesThese are dentures for patients that have lost all their natural teeth, they are made of acrylic and can only be worn during the day and must be removed at night. We can design your dentures to look natural and give you a more youthful appearance. Our dentists will make moulds of your mouth during your consultation. Then our own dental technicians will work to construct the optimal style for your unique oral and facial structures. You will be given a trial version to try on and depending on its look and feel. Final changes will be made to ensure a perfect fit, both physically and aesthetically.

Partial replacement

treat img dentures flexible partialwe understand the impact of missing teeth and the importance of finding a reliable solution. That’s why we offer partial replacement dentures. Our custom-made dentures not only restore your smile’s aesthetics but also improve your chewing and speaking abilities. They prevent teeth from shifting and are cost-effective. At Longwood House Dental Clinic, we also provide attentive care, ensuring a comfortable fit and offering necessary instructions. Trust us to help you regain a beautiful smile and enjoy the benefits of partial replacement dentures.

Today dentists are more and more prescribing flexible partials because it makes a better and more comfortable appliance. It seems logical because a patient’s mouth is flexible, a rigid, metal-based partial would not be well suited to its form and function.

Valplast provides lightweight, comfortable flexible partials that can be completely metal-free and are designed to blend in with natural tissues and become practically invisible in the mouth.

This patient had her old dentures on the upper teeth upgraded to a cosmetic version

In some cases, we can use a softer more comfortable material than the traditional hard pink and white acrylic. These are called Flexible Dentures.

denture b4 denture after

Implant Dentures

Do you have dentures that wobble around, and drop down when you talk or eat?

Do you have dentures that wobble around, and drop down when you talk or eat?

Do your dentures affect your personal lifestyle or at work because they don’t look like real teeth?

Dentures are not the perfect solution to replacing missing teeth, nowadays with the success of Dental Implants in replacing missing teeth, we can now replace dentures with a full mouth of Implant teeth or even use Implants to make your denture more stable and give you back your confidence and self-esteem.

What is an Implant denture?

fixed implant denturesThe implant denture is like a denture but looks more like real teeth and sits on the implants for added retention so that it no longer wobbles or falls out when you talk or eat. But if you no longer want a denture, then Implants can be used to give you a full mouth of fixed teeth that look and feel as if you have your natural teeth back. You can talk to one of our expert Implant dentists about this option too.

How can dental implants replace my missing teeth?

Dental Implants can be used to replace 1 or 2 teeth that are missing in your mouth. This is simply done by placing 1 or 2 dental implants into the jaw bone where the tooth root used to be. Then a Crown or bridge, which mimics your teeth is connected to the implant/s. Thus giving you back that tooth root and tooth crown that you lost.

But If all your teeth are missing then, you have two choices;

  • You can have many implants placed in the jaw where you have lost your teeth. Usually, you will need about 6 implants. To these implants, we can attach enough crowns to give you back all the teeth you lost. You will achieve the nearest thing to receiving your teeth back. The implant teeth will look and feel like your teeth and you will no longer need to wear a denture.
  • If you don’t mind the idea of a denture, but just want to be more secure and more natural-looking then you can have between 2 and 4 implants placed under the denture and these implants can be simply connected to a special implant denture. The implant denture is like a denture but looks more like real teeth and sits on the implants for added retention so that it no longer wobbles or falls out when you talk or eat.

I feel worried about the actual treatment, is there anything your dentist can do to make it easier for me?

We understand that a dental practice is not many people’s favorite place to be. At Longwood House, we treat every patient with respect and kindness.

We will make sure that we are gentle in our treatments and our patients do comment on how they never felt anything during the treatment and how quickly they got better. Our dentists are either specialists in their field or have postgraduate training.

Our Implant dentists both have over 25 years of experience in dentistry and are excellent at relaxing and caring for the patient. We also can offer sedation with our treatments as well, which is very well-liked by the nervous patient.