On the 15th of July Dr. Ahmed and our practice manager, Joanna gave training to dentists and dental nurses on how to deal with a hypoglycemia emergency as well as CQC discussions and GDC requirements.

And our dental nurse Madiha recorded the video on how to use the GlucoRx Nexus Blood Glucose Monitoring  Kit.


Longwood House Seminars 8th of July 2022

On 8th of July 2022 Dr. Ahmed in collaboration with St James Wealth management hosted an informative and well needed meeting on business finance management and health and well being to 25 London dentists.

  • Prajesh Patel a Finance Management. Advisor and the son of a well known Orthodontist; gave us a very interesting presentation about Wealth Management.
  • Dr. Tasleem Ahmed gave us an introduction to Kangen Water.
  • And Dr. Michelle Wyngaard a Business and Well Being coach, as well as a Dentist and Co Author of Women in Business.


Longwood House Seminars 16th of September 2022


On 16th of September 2022, Longwood House Dental Practice’s 5th eCPD seminar was held in Redbridge Sports & Leisure Centre, Barkingside.

The topic was Paediatric Dentistry & CQC and Wellbeing. The lectures were Dr. Michelle Wyngaard, Principal Dentist and Health & Wellbeing Coach; and Dr. Prabhleen Anand Consultant Paediatric Dentist, Specialist in Surgical Dentistry & Paediatric Dentistry, Clinical Lead Eastmans Dental Hospital.