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Airflow Teeth Polishing

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Stain Removal /Air Polish

At Longwood House we have invested in the Prophyflex 3. This is manufactured by Kavo and designed to use a stream of fine powder particles to gently polish away stubborn stains off a tooth.

  • It is a fast and pain free removal of stains
  • Perfect for removing smokers stains

Safe and non damaging, with instant results.

Cost of Treatment - £55 for one half hour session. Occasionally two sessions are necessary depending on the case.

PROPHYflex powder® suits
the taste of your patients

With PROPHYflex werespond to the individual taste of our patients.

This is possible due to PROPHYflex powder being available in the fruity tastes of cherry, berry, mint and orange.

PROPHYflex powder consists of sodium bicarbonate, with a particle size of between 60μ to 70μ and represents the classic of cleaning agents. Plaque may be easily and efficiently removed - with simultaneous fruity taste.

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